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I'm not a king of universe,
I'm not a host of world,
The sky and everything below
I'll never, never hold.

But I am not a slave, because
They can enslave my flesh
And chain my body, but my heart
They'll never, never lash.

I'm not the God; I'm not a devil,
They are with me although,
I am a usual, lively man,
A little part of whole.

I am a seed sown by the world
So I should germinate,
Beneath the hot and burning sun
So that I should not fade.

I was born here and now
So that I should take roots
And lift my branches to the sky,
So I should bear fruits.

I'm not a king; I'm not a slave,
My life is not a show.
A usual man's a little but
Important part of whole...

* * *
Автор: Санжара Віталій E-mail Web-site| Додано: 02.06.2008
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